Who Are We

PT GEOINFO TEKNOLOGI or also widely known as GEOINFO is an Indonesian private company specializing in the Geospatial with the expertise and experiences in GIS consulting services, geographical data collection and development. GEOINFO has been building good cooperation with various customers, from government agencies to private companies, and giving benefit and positive contribution to the national development.

What We Do

PT GEOINFO TEKNOLOGI specialises in spatial/ land-use planning, roads and bridges planning, digital mapping, application and software development, as well as trainings and other consulting services. GEOINFO works based on the geographic imaging of LIDAR technology and Citra Satellite combined with textual and tabular database to provide all end-users in organizations with valid map-based information. By widening potential database analysis, clients will recognise the patterns, trends, and opportunities of the data obtained in geographical perspective.

What We Offer

PT GEOINFO TEKNOLOGIoffers an effective and efficient way of data usage to organizations, such as road maps, water pipes, waste pipes, gas pipes, and the telephone & electrical network, potential natural resources, information about the spreading of contagious diseases, information system for defence, etc. and they are displayed in maps with a special visual format that is easy to understand.

Who Is Our Client

PT GEOINFO TEKNOLOGIMap-based information technology is now widely used by various organizations. GEOINFO establishes good cooperation with its clients: Municipal Government, Municipal Waterworks Company, State Electricity Company, Telecommunication Companies, Real Estate Companies, Petroleum and Gas Mining Companies and other mining companies, Engineering Consultants, and Marketing Companies.